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We have held conservation sessions each year, in the park itself and also in the small area of woodland at the north side of our park.  Thank you to all of you who came along and joined in and also to those of you who couldn’t join us, but sent tasty cakes to keep the volunteers going.

Our initial focus in the woods has been to start cutting back growth around the existing main paths through the wood which have become rather overgrown, as well as gradually reducing some of the more invasive species such as holly and non-native species such as laurel.  The reason for doing this is to open up the floor of the woodland slightly to allow any existing dormant woodland plants to reassert themselves.

We have planted bluebell bulbs in 2020 and are looking forwards to seeing beautiful flowers in spring 2021!

We have cleaned up in the woods that was previously littered with plastic bottles, coke cans, rusty garden forks and even a toy gun.

The young and the old of Ancells come together to get the job done and after a lot of physical effort and a great sense of community spirit in the volunteers enjoy a well deserved cup of tea and several slices of cake in the pavilion.

   If you walk through the woods or park you will see what a great job our volunteers have done.



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