Community Defibrillator

Friends of Ancells Farm has secured a grant for a Public Access Defibrillator, which will be installed on the front of the Community Centre.  The defibrillator is an iPad SP1 Model, which can toggle between adult and child mode at the flick of a switch, increases its volume depending on ambient noise level and is widely endorsed by Ambulance Services nationwide as well as the British Heart Foundation. The Defibrillator will be housed in the new DefibSafe2 Cabinet which has a sticking high-visibility design.

Once installed, the location will be more widely publicised and registered with the Ambulance Service; anyone near the Defib reporting a Cardiac Incident will be directed to this new life saving equipment.  Its high footfall location and proximity to the sports field will also no doubt prove invaluable to our community.

No training is required to use this equipment.  Anyone assisting someone with a Cardiac Incident should use this equipment with confidence.  Voice prompts instruct the user every step of the way, and it will only ‘shock’ a patient that requires such treatment.  We will however be working with the local ambulance service to provide awareness and familiarisation training as well guidance on basic CPR.  Dates TBC – watch this space!