A Secure Park

Friends of Ancells Farm are working on a project to make the park a safer place to play and enjoy our wonderful community.

The project is the most ambitious project that we have undertaken so far and will take place in various stages, according to when funding is secured.

We will replace the 30 year old fence and gate on the under 5’s play area.

We will install new barriers on the path at the Farm Drive entrance and enhance the entrance with a beautiful planted area to welcome you to our lovely park.

In November we are planting more hedging in between the existing banks of hedges, so that the barrier is complete at the Farm Drive end of the park.

In addition, we are planning to extend the path around the side of the park to lead from the pavilion round the edge of the park to the far end of the park at Ancells Road.  This will improve the accessibility to the park from that end of the park.