Action Day – 21 April

Volunteers were out in force at the park planting our wild flower seeds, painting our fence and looking after the trees that we planted last year.  Beavers and Cubs from the 6th Fleet Ancells Farm Scout Group came with their mums and dads and got stuck in.

Our wild flowers are planted over the far side of the field by the woods, so do take the time to wander over and have a look.  They are a mix of corn poppy, corn marigold, corn chamomile, corn cockle and cornflower.  With all the rain we have had, they are growing well and will bring a sweep of colour to the park later in the summer.

FOAF would like to thank 6th Fleet Ancells Farm Scout Group and all the mums, dads and other residents that turned up to make this event so successful and fun.  The park is looking fabulous.

If you would like further information about the RHS Wild flowers Scheme, then please click here

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